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Trauma Release

This Therapy is designed to resolve past emotional trauma to help you find inner peace and harmony. In the school of life, we were never taught how to navigate complex emotions like anger, grief, shame, guilt, hurt or betrayal, how to process and integrate life experiences that leave us shattered, powerless and out of control.

Yet, we manage, we take hold of ourselves and often just bury it all deep inside. We put on a brave face and a fake smile and get on with life, not realising that bottling up these emotions, concealing them from ourselves and the world, doesn't solve the problem. Suppressing strong negative emotions for a prolonged period of time drains energy and inevitably turns down the whole spectrum of emotions, diminishing the ability to feel joy, be happy and fully engaged with life. 

Our wounds and limiting beliefs associated with them may affect our perception, filter our responses and influence our decisions because the subconscious mind is safeguarding us. The trauma, experienced in the past and left unprocessed, gets stored in the body even if the mind has faded or blocked the memories. And we might not be even aware of it until something triggers us, pushes those old buttons and throws us out of balance, making us suddenly feel those unpleasant physical sensations, we don't have an explanation for. 

During your session, the therapist will gently lead you from your initial concern into the depths of your subconscious. Safely and gently she'll guide you to reveal what is stored underneath the surface, clearing any emotional charge hidden within and bringing you to a sense of completion. As a result, acceptance and forgiveness become available, letting go appears to be the best possible liberating choice and profound healing can take place on the cellular level, tapping into the innate capacity of the human body to heal and rejuvenate itself. 

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