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Stress Relief

The term stress has been borrowed by biologists from engineering, where it implies an ability to withstand a defined amount of strain. Clearly, the strain of a modern life, nowadays, for many is greater than a human mind and body are prepared for. Inevitably different coping strategies come in play to keep us going. And unfortunately, there comes a time when even these strategies fail to keep us afloat, when the health gets affected and we experience a sense of being completely overwhelmed  or burn out, when we finally can allow the thought of: “Maybe, I could use some help.”

Thankfully, help is available. There are tools and techniques we can apply to ease the strain and harmonise the system allowing the body-mind to return to a healthy physical and emotional state. It is important to uncover the trigger and what is behind it, so you don't drive through life pressing the accelerator and the brakes at the same time. So you don't get drown in your inner conflict or get burned by the overpowering rage trying to keep the peace. So you don't attempt to control something way beyond your reach but allow life to unfold, trusting that you will be guided. Understanding the necessity of setting a healthy boundaries and saying NO when it is required. Finding mental clarity, work-life balance and the ways to relax and rejuvenate.


Trauma Release

This Therapy is designed to resolve past emotional trauma to help you find inner peace and harmony. In the school of life, we were never taught how to navigate complex emotions like anger, grief, shame, guilt, hurt or betrayal. How to process and integrate life experiences that leave us shattered, powerless and out of control.

Yet, we manage, we take hold of ourselves and often just bury it all deep inside. We put on a brave face and a false smile and get on with life, not realising that bottling up these emotions, concealing them from ourselves and the world, doesn't solve the problem. Suppressing strong negative emotions for a prolonged period of time drains energy and inevitably turns down the whole spectrum of emotions, diminishing the ability to feel joy, be happy and fully engaged with life. 

Our wounds and limiting beliefs associated with them may affect our perception, filter our responses and influence our decisions just because the subconscious mind is safeguarding us. The trauma, experienced in the past and left unprocessed, gets stored in the body even if the mind faded or blocked the memories. And we might not be even aware of it until something triggers us, pushes those old buttons and throws us out of balance, making us suddenly feel those unpleasant physical sensations, we don't have an explanation for. 

During your session, the therapist will gently lead you from your initial concern into the depths of your subconscious. Safely and gently she will guide you to reveal what is stored underneath the surface, clearing any emotional charge hidden within and bringing you to a sense of completion. As a result, acceptance and forgiveness become available, letting go appears to be the best possible, liberating choice and profound healing can take place on the cellular level, tapping into the innate capacity of the human body to heal and rejuvenate itself


Mindset Coaching

The most cutting edge coaching system enabling real and rapid transformation. Set yourself free from old conditioning and adopt new empowering beliefs that will keep you motivated to take actions, to follow your dreams, to target your goals, to realise your vision. Step by step you will be able to overcome your fears, to gain confidence, to uncover and clear sabotage patterns. You will be able to leave behind procrastination, past failures and remove any blocks to success.

You will get insights into your being that will help you understand not only yourself but also others better, resolve interpersonal and inner conflicts and find the strength within yourself to achieve anything your heart desires, to see the growth and transformation you were longing for in any area of your life.


Fears and Phobias

Some fears are so strong that they can actually immobilize you. If you have a full-blown phobia, such as the fear of driving, the fear of flying, the fear of heights, water or public places, or perhaps, the fear of spiders or lizards, it can seriously inhibit your ability to live your life fully.

Even the thought of the object or experience could stimulate your phobic reaction. And it acts in much the same way as a virus in a computer program by interrupting the “program” or sequence of events that occur in the brain between the initial sighting of the thing you are afraid of and the physical response you experience.

We use clinically proven Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping first to take the edge off and then proceed safely to uncover the root cause of your fear or phobia and clear it out gently without exposing you in any way. It is possible to clear a phobia in a single session. However, only when you are ready we will test the progress or the outcome of the session with all the safety precautions in place. And we will surely have your back while you are walking towards your newfound freedom. 



What makes our method so effective is that we don’t waste time dealing with the symptoms and would rather go straight for the real cause of depression. Investigating what forced you to shut down in the first place and spend tremendous amount of energy suppressing or numbing-out your emotions, feeling like it's easier to die than face your inner demons. Figuring out what is it you would avoid no matter what, what has it cost you and what is the reason you are unable to take charge of your life and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What is so unbearable to feel, to say, to admit, to swallow. 

Once we get to the root cause of your internal suffering and bring it to the surface, you will instinctively get a totally different perspective and will be able to observe your own avoidance strategies, uncover promises and vows you might have made that perpetuated this prolonged emotional state. 


You will be guided through the process  to find your own truth, to realise your worth, to extract the higher wisdom and integrate the past to be able to live in the now and be free from the grips of depression forever, allowing any and all emotions to come and go like waves in the ocean. 


You will learn to be an observer of your own feelings, thoughts, behaviours without collapsing your identity into them. And you finally will be able to live your life as a full embodiment of your true nature. 


Inner Child Work

All of our life experiences, starting from the mother’s womb and the moment we are born, are stored in the archives of our mind’s memory networks and are the basis of our perceptions, attitudes and behaviour. 

An adverse childhood, a toxic environment, abandonment, rejection, other misfortunes and intense emotions associated with them that once overwhelmed us might get triggered by seemingly unrelated events and situations in our current life, leaving us feeling fearful, anxious, insecure or unsafe. These are the  after effects of whatever happened in the past. 

There are generally 10 to 20 unprocessed memories that are responsible for most of the pain and suffering in our lives. These bitter incidents could range from growing up in a troubled neighbourhood, seeing your family fall apart, witnessing an accident or a crime scene, carrying the burden of violence, physical or sexual abuse. And sometimes it's as simple as a teacher scolding us in school and humiliating us in front of the entire class. We forget what happened but we carry the emotional charge of it deep within us from that moment on and we respond to life exactly the same way, like that six year old, frozen, speechless, feeling unworthy and not good enough. 

Your therapist will help you uncover what aspects of the past may be responsible for your fears, doubts, lack of confidence and behavioural patterns in the present. And will facilitate you to establish  a strong connection with your inner child (inner self) to clear any negative impact of the experience, to get a higher perspective, clearing limiting beliefs that were formed at that time about self, about life, empowering you with positive resources and allowing you to finally rest in self-love and self-compassion. 

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