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Acquiring life-changing skills with Mindset Coaching


Freedom from Stress

with Emotional Freedom Technique
Introductory Seminar

- Get into more resourceful state in 7 simple steps 

- Release stress, reduce tension to get clarity and focus

- Easily manage anger and frustration 

- Boost your immunity to stay healthy

- Open up to your full potential using self-applied, clinically proven EFT technique


Stress Relief and Self Regulation 

Emotional Wellness

Introductory Seminar

- Learn how stress affects your health and overall wellbeing

- Improve your self-regulation with a simple tools that anyone can use

- Understand how your being reacts to external triggers

- Begin to detoxify your mind, body and soul to find peace and harmony

- Get a taste of relaxation techniques you might want to adapt for your self-care

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