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Stepping into your own power


Authentic You

Reshaping Your Reality
Healing from Mental, Emotional or Sexual Abuse

Who is it for?

  • Abuse survivors that may have been mentally, emotionally or sexually abused as a child or at any point at their lives 

  • Adults that are currently in a toxic, abusive relationships and want to get some help and support

  • Adults that have managed to come out of difficult relationships and are now looking to heal and come back to their normal self

  • Adults that want to take charge of their lives and reshape their reality being true to themselves

  • Adults who simply want to be happy, have a feeling of belonging, knowing they deserve better

Authentic Health

Resetting Body’s Natural Ability to Heal
Getting to the root cause of the problem

Who is it for?

  • For those who are tired of looking for answers in the medical world  and barely managing the symptoms

  • For those, whose health problems and pains have no medical explanation,  where the cause of health issue is  ”unknown or unclear”

  • For those who are determined to overcome their health challenges and not ready to accept the scenario of medicating themselves till their last breath

  • For those who prefer wholistic, zero-medication natural healing

  • For those who are ready to do whatever it takes to improve their health and quality of life

  • For those who are not afraid to dig deeper and to look within themselves in order to find the answers and heal from inside out


Authentic Living

Reinventing yourself and creating the life you desire
Finding your true self, joyfulness and sense of purpose

Who is it for?


  • For women who feel unsatisfied with their lives for some reason, feel that something is missing and want to find their purpose

  • For educated women, who sacrificed their career, raising children and taking care of their families

  • For women who want to find their purpose in life after their children grown up, moved out and left a huge emptiness in their lives

  • For women who are fed up of putting up with unreasonable demands of their family, society and cultural conditioning, who want to break free and be what they want to be, voicing themselves and living authentic life

Authentic Creativity

Shine bright
Finding your unique voice to express all of you

Who is it for?

  • For creators, experiencing some kind of creative block

  • For those who would like to find their own voice, style, individuality 

  • For those on the path of continuous personal development, aiming for their full potential

  • For performing artistes faced with tension or performance anxiety 

  • For those, looking for a boost of confidence, getting back on track after a long break or downfall 

  • For those having fear of success/fear of failure 

  • For those, feeling lost, aimless or stuck

  • For those who would like to gain courage and confidence to be what they want to be


Authentic Body

Embracing all of you 

Letting go of unhealthy habits, cravings and emotional eating

Who is it for?

  • For those straggling with emotional eating, self-blame and guilt trip

  • For those finding it difficult to let go of emotional baggage

  • For those who want to change the way they feel about themselves and their body 

  • For those who would like to gain body confidence

  • For those who would do anything to feel more attractive and healthy physically

  • For those who hit the rock bottom and now has got enough leverage to try something new

  • For those who is open to explore the real reason behind their suffering

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