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What makes our emotional and cellular healing method so effective is that we don’t waste time dealing with the symptoms and would rather go straight for the real cause of depression. Investigating what forced you to shut down in the first place and spend tremendous amount of energy suppressing or numbing-out your emotions, feeling like it's easier to die than face your inner demons. Figuring out what is it you would avoid no matter what, what has it cost you and what is the reason you are unable to take charge of your life and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What is so unbearable to feel, to say, to admit, to swallow? 

Once we get to the root cause of your internal suffering and bring it to the surface, you will instinctively get a totally different perspective and will be able to observe your own avoidance strategies, uncover promises and vows you might have made that perpetuated this prolonged emotional state.


You will be guided through the process  to find your own truth, to realise your worth, to extract the higher wisdom and integrate the past to be able to live in the now and be free from the grips of depression forever, allowing any and all emotions to come and go like waves in the ocean.


You will learn to be an observer of your own feelings, thoughts, behaviours without collapsing your identity into them. And you finally will be able to live your life as a full embodiment of your true nature. 

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