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Inner Child Work

All of our life experiences, starting from the mother’s womb and the moment we are born, are stored in the archives of our mind’s memory networks and are the basis of our perceptions, attitudes and behaviour. 

An adverse childhood, a toxic environment, abandonment, rejection, other misfortunes and intense emotions associated with them that once overwhelmed us might get triggered by seemingly unrelated events and situations in our current life, leaving us feeling fearful, anxious, insecure or unsafe. These are the after-effects of whatever happened in the past. 

There are generally 10 to 20 unprocessed memories that are responsible for most of the pain and suffering in our lives. These bitter incidents could range from growing up in a troubled neighbourhood, seeing your family fall apart, witnessing an accident or a crime scene, and carrying the burden of violence, physical or sexual abuse. And sometimes it's as simple as a teacher scolding us in school and humiliating us in front of the entire class. We forget what happened but we carry the emotional charge of it deep within us from that moment on and we respond to life exactly the same way, like that six-year-old, frozen, speechless, feeling unworthy and not good enough. 

Your Therapist or Journey Practitioner will help you uncover what aspects of the past may be responsible for your fears, doubts, lack of confidence and behavioural patterns in the present. And will facilitate you to establish a strong connection with your inner child (inner self) to clear any negative impact of the experience, to get a higher perspective, clear limiting beliefs that were formed at that time about self, about life, empowering you with positive resources and allowing you to finally rest in self-love and self-compassion. 

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