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Therapy Services

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Mindset Coaching
Trauma Release

Set yourself free from old conditioning and enable real and rapid transformation in any area of your life

Resolve past emotional trauma to live in the now, to move on, to find inner peace and harmony

Get to the root cause of your suffering and find yourself living as a full embodiment of your true nature

The most cutting edge coaching system enabling real and rapid transformation. Set yourself free from old conditioning and adopt new empowering beliefs that will keep you motivated to take actions, to follow your dreams, to target your goals, to realise your vision. Step by step you will be able to overcome your fears, to gain confidence, to uncover and clear sabotage patterns. You will be able to leave behind procrastination, past failures and remove any blocks to success.

You will get insights into your being that will help you understand not only yourself but also others better, resolve interpersonal and inner conflicts and find the strength within yourself to achieve anything your heart desires, to see the growth and transformation you were longing for in any area of your life.

What makes our method so effective is that we don’t waste time dealing with the symptoms and would rather go straight for the real cause of depression. Investigating what forced you to shut down in the first place and spend tremendous amount of energy suppressing or numbing-out your emotions, feeling like it's easier to die than face your inner demons. Figuring out what is it you would avoid no matter what, what has it cost you and what is the reason you are unable to take charge of your life and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What is so unbearable to feel, to say, to admit, to swallow. 

Once we get to the root cause of your internal suffering and bring it to the surface, you will instinctively get a totally different perspective and will be able to observe your own avoidance strategies, uncover promises and vows you might have made that perpetuated this prolonged emotional state. 


You will be guided through the process  to find your own truth, to realise your worth, to extract the higher wisdom and integrate the past to be able to live in the now and be free from the grips of depression forever, allowing any and all emotions to come and go like waves in the ocean. 


You will learn to be an observer of your own feelings, thoughts, behaviours without collapsing your identity into them. And you finally will be able to live your life as a full embodiment of your true nature. 

Fears and Phobias
Inner Child Work
Stress Relief
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Ease the strain of stress and harmonise the body-mind to return to a healthy physical and emotional state

Deal with fears that make you feel small, incapable, not good enough and stop you from living your life fully 

Uncover what aspects of the past are responsible for your reactions and behaviour and finally rest in self-love 

This Therapy is designed to resolve past emotional trauma to help you find inner peace and harmony. None of us were taught in school how to deal with difficult emotions like grief, loss, shame, guilt, hate or betrayal. How to process and integrate life experiences that leave us shattered, powerless and out of control.

Yet we manage, we take hold of ourselves and often just bury it all deep inside. We put on a brave face and a false smile and get on with our lives. But keeping it all under wraps and hiding those emotions from ourselves and others,  drains us of our energy over time. Suppressing strong negative emotions for a prolonged period of time inevitably turns down  the whole spectrum of emotions and diminishes our ability to feel joy, be open and fully engaged with life. 

Past trauma and limiting beliefs associated with it may affect our perceptions, filter our responses and influence our decisions because the subconscious mind is always on guard to keep us safe. Unfortunately, the trauma experienced in the past and left unprocessed, gets stored in the body. The mind might forget what happened but the body remembers, the body keeps the score. And we might not be even aware of it until something triggers us, pushing those old buttons and throwing us out of balance, making us feel those unpleasant physical sensations again and again, the same tension, tightness, sudden or chronic pain.

During the session therapist might start with your presenting problem, a trigger or a physical sensation and will slowly and gently take you deeper to reveal what is stored underneath the surface, in the depth of your subconscious mind, clearing any shock, shut down, disconnection, bringing sense of completion. As a result acceptance and forgiveness become available, letting go appears to be the best possible choice and the healing can take place on the deepest cellular level now governed by innate capacity of the human body to heal  and rejuvenate itself. 

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